Safety Glass Hygiene Barriers from Terrazzo Screens Limited
Safety Glass Hygiene Barriers from Terrazzo Screens Limited
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About us

Terrazzo Screens Limited is a UK company based in the South East of England.  We have been the UK distributors of quality glass terrace screening for Italian company Star Progetti for nearly two decades. Popular with the hospitality industry like pubs, bars and hotels, our windbreak screening is also finding favour with home-owners to increase the use and enjoyment of their patios and terraces. Sports venues such as golf clubs, shooting ranges and race courses have also found our windbreak screens of great value.

In 2020, Star Progetti has worked hard to design hygiene barriers to protect people from the risk of airborne transmission of viruses. These are manufactured to the same high standard as our windbreak screens. Their elegance makes a necessary evil more acceptable. It is likely hygiene screens will be a feature of everyday life for years to come.

Stay safe!

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